The OTC Transmission Jack for Your Next Transmission Job

Are you looking for a way to make transmission removal a breeze? Check out the OTC Transmission Jacks for removing the transmission with ease!

Are you in the market for an OTC transmission jack but don’t know where to start?

Whether you need something lightweight and portable or heavy-duty and durable, we have the information you need to make an informed decision about which product is best suited for your needs.

Our goal is to make sure that whatever OTC transmission jack you choose will last long enough and perform well enough that it won't let you down when needed most.

How Mechanicaddicts Chooses the OTC Transmission Jack

Shopping for the right OTC transmission jack can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With so many options on the market, it's hard to know which one is best suited for your needs.

You don't want to waste your money or precious time researching products that may not even work for you in the end.

That's why Mechanicaddicts has done all of the hard work for you! Our expert reviewers have spent countless hours testing and reviewing different products, so you don't have to worry about making a bad purchase decision.

Now, with our help, finding an OTC transmission jack that meets your needs is easier than ever before!

OTC 1521A 1000 lbs Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack

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Why We Like This Product

The OTC 1521A 1000 lbs Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack is an ideal tool for automotive professionals. It features a universal mounting head that allows adjustable brackets to tilt from front to back and side to side, ensuring the load stays secure.

The low lift transmission jacks have a wide base has four swivel casters along with two handle grips for easy maneuvering around a shop floor. With its 1,000-pound capacity, it can be used on almost any vehicle type for hoisting the transmission up or down. The OTC Stinger is a highly reliable and durable solution for repairing vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Things to Know

The OTC 1521A 1000 lbs Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack is a reliable and efficient tool to help you get the job done quickly and safely. This transmission jack features an overload safety feature that prevents use beyond its rated capacity, as well as a flash chromed ram designed to stop rust from entering the hydraulic system.

Additionally, this jack has a 360-degree rotating pump handle for easy maneuverability in any position, with a height range of 6-1/2 inch to 29-1/2 inch. With these features combined, the OTC 1521A 1000 lbs Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack is sure to be an invaluable addition to your garage or shop.


  • Load Capacity: 1000 pound
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 42 Inches
  • Brand: OTC
  • Color: Silver
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Ounces

OTC 5019A 2,200 lb. Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack

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Why We Like This Product

The OTC 5019A 2,200 lb. Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack is ideal for vehicles with a low ground clearance due to its 8-1/4 inch low height. It features an easily maneuverable swiveling pump handle and a fast-acting pump that will quickly lift the arm into position.

Furthermore, its adjustable mounting plate can be adjusted at any angle with just the turn of a wrench. Whether you’re servicing an aerodynamic truck or working in restricted spaces, this jack ensures reliable performance in all conditions and provides exceptional value for money versus hiring specialized personnel from outside your company.

Things to Know

The OTC 5019A Low-Lift Transmission Jack is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to handle nearly all Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty truck transmissions. This transmission jack features a special mounting adapter that fits popular Eaton Fuller RoadRanger transmissions, making it easy to use and highly versatile.

It offers an impressive 2,200 lb capacity with a minimum height of 8-1/4 in., a maximum height of 36-1/2 in., forward tilt up to 15 deg., backward tilt up to 20 deg., side tilt (either side) up to 12 deg., overall length of 52 in. and overall width of 32-1/2 in. With its robust construction, this low-lift transmission jack provides reliable performance and long-lasting durability.


  • Vehicle Service Type: Truck
  • Load Capacity: 2200 pound
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 4 Inches
  • Brand: OTC
  • Color: Blue

OTC 1522A Stinger 2,000 lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty, Low-Lift Transmission Jack

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Why We Like This Product

The OTC 1522A Stinger is a heavy-duty, low-lift transmission jack designed to safely handle up to 2000 lbs. It features a low-profile design that allows it to fit under the lowest clearance trucks, making it ideal for clutch repair work.

The built-in safety overload feature prevents using the jack beyond its rated capacity while the safety bypass ensures that the hydraulic cylinder remains protected from damage.

This reliable and robust tool comes with an adapter suitable for most Class 7 & 8 trucks equipped with an Eaton Fuller Roadranger transmission.

Things to Know

The OTC 1522A Stinger 2,000 lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty, Low-Lift Transmission Jack is the perfect solution for anyone in need of a reliable and effective heavy-duty transmission jack.

This model features a pump handle that conveniently rotates 360 degrees so it can be used in any position, as well as 3.5-inch ball-bearing swivel casters for easy positioning of the jack.

The minimum height is 6-7/8 inches while the maximum height is 35-1/4 inches with a maximum forward tilt of 24 degrees, a backward tilt of 18 degrees, and a side tilt (either side) of 11 degrees. Additionally, its overall length measures 43-1/2 inches and its overall width is 26 inches.


  • Vehicle Service Type: Truck
  • Load Capacity: 2000 pound
  • Brand: OTC
  • Color: CHROME
  • Item Weight: 290 Pounds

OTC 1728 1000 lbs Capacity Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack

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Why We Like This Product

OTC 1728 is a powerful air-assisted 1,000 pounds capacity high-lift transmission jack with a unique foot pedal design. It provides complete control over the air pressure to raise the mounting head quickly and accurately to any fitting transmission.

The four adjustable ratcheting brackets on the mount head provide precision control during the removal and installation of transmissions. This highly efficient tool can help small business owners get their job done quickly, easily, and cost-effectively as compared to hiring an in-house team for similar tasks.

Things to Know

The OTC 1728 1000 lbs Capacity Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack is designed to provide users with a safe and reliable way of lifting heavy transmissions.

This high-quality transmission jack features four locking swivel casters for increased stability and a safety bypass system that prevents damage due to overloads.

With an adjustable height range of 34-1/2 inch to 75 inches, it offers 50 degrees forward tilt and 20 degrees backward tilt as well as 10 degrees lateral movement in either direction. The product also comes with a Lifetime Marathon Warranty for added peace of mind.


  • Load Capacity: 1000 Pounds
  • Brand: OTC
  • Item Weight: 85 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 43 x 36 x 43 inches

OTC 5078 2000 lbs Capacity Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack

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Why We Like This Product

Designed to make transmission removal and installation effortless, the OTC 5078 2000 lbs Capacity Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack features a metered, foot-operated air pump for precise control during lifting.

Its heavy wall tubing and oversized base are built for stability and durability. In addition, it comes with a dedicated adapter for Allison 500 and 600 series automatic transmissions.

This jack provides superior performance when tackling challenging tasks with its sheer capacity of 2000 lbs – allowing you to get your job done right the first time!

Things to Know

The OTC 5078 2000 lbs Capacity Air-Assisted High-Lift Transmission Jack is the perfect tool for any automotive repair shop. This transmission jack is designed to be easy to use and efficient, with a minimum height of 41-1/2 inches, a maximum height of 65 inches, and a max forward tilt of 50 degrees.

It also has a max backward tilt of 38 degrees as well as a max side tilt (side to side) of 14 degrees. Additionally, the leg width measures 46 inches wide making it an ideal size for many projects. For added peace of mind, this product comes with OTC's Lifetime Marathon Warranty ensuring that your investment will last for years to come.


  • Vehicle Service Type: Truck, Car, Small Busses
  • Load Capacity: 2000 Pounds
  • Brand: OTC
  • Color: Black, Silver, Blue, Red
  • Item Weight: 254 Pounds

OTC Transmission Jack FAQs:

Are you looking to purchase an OTC transmission jack but don't know which one is right for you?

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming and confusing trying to decide which one will meet your needs. You may have more questions now than when you started!

Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! We've created a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about OTC transmission jacks so that you can make your next purchase with total confidence. Get all the information and advice needed to make an informed decision today!

1. Are OTC Low-Level Lift Jacks Good for Tight and Restricted Working Spaces?

Yes, OTC low-level lift jacks can be a great solution for tight and restricted working spaces. They are designed to provide a safe and secure lift in areas with limited room. 

These jacks feature universal mounting slots that ensure they fit on any type of equipment while the safety straps hold them securely in place. The mounting plate angle can be adjusted for optimal reach and the clutch spline ensures that the jack only needs just one adapter. 

With an adjustable lifting arm and clutch securely in place, these jacks provide a safe and efficient way to work in tight spaces. Thanks to OTC's low-level lift jack, repair jobs in restricted working spaces are now faster and easier than ever.

2. What Is a Clutch Handler Adapter for Heavy-Duty Clutch Assemblies?

A clutch handler adapter is a tool used to install and remove heavy-duty clutch assemblies. It is designed to fit into the clutch housing, and it has a handle that allows the user to easily rotate the clutch assembly. 

The adapter is usually made of steel or aluminum and is designed to provide a secure grip on the clutch assembly, making it easier to install and remove.

3. Are High-Lift OTC Transmission Jacks That Are Air-Powered Better?

High-lift OTC transmission jacks that are air powered are generally considered to be better than other types of transmission jacks, as they provide better access to the transmission and allow for more precise and safer lifting. 

The air-powered feature also allows for a greater range of motion and better maneuverability, which can be beneficial when working in tight spaces. Additionally, air-powered jacks are usually quieter and more efficient than electric or hydraulic jacks.

4. Where are OTC jacks manufactured?

OTC jacks are manufactured in the United States. The company has been in business since 1925 and is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive service equipment in the world. 

They are based in St. Louis, Missouri, and have been manufacturing jacks since the 1950s. They have a wide range of products, from floor jacks to bottle jacks, and their products are made to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Final Thoughts about OTC Transmission Jack

Overall, an OTC transmission jack is a great addition to any auto repair shop. It’s versatile and can be used for a variety of jobs including lifting heavy transmissions or other automotive components with ease.

Not only does it provide the convenience of being able to lift heavier loads, but it also offers safety features such as overload protection that help protect your employees from potential injuries.

Investing in quality tools like this will pay off over time by saving you money on costly repairs due to wear and tear, so make sure you invest wisely when selecting the right OTC transmission jack for your shop.

Thank you for reading!

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