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Dual battery isolators are devices used typically in vehicles with two batteries, where one battery is used to start and run the car. In contrast, the other is used to power auxiliary equipment.

The purpose of the isolator is to ensure each battery operates independently, preventing the auxiliary energy drain from affecting the primary battery used for starting the vehicle. This ensures the car can always be created and the auxiliary battery can be fully utilized without risking the vehicle's operation.

How Mechanicaddicts Chooses the Dual Battery Isolator

At Mechanicaddicts, our dual battery isolator selection process is focused on quality. We understand the importance of having a reliable dual battery isolator, especially when vehicle performance and safety are paramount.

We carefully examine the isolator's durability, ease of installation, compatibility with various vehicle models, and cost-effectiveness. Customer reviews and ratings also play a crucial role in our selection process to ensure we offer only the best to our readers.

DB Electrical 626-01008 2 Battery Isolator

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Why We Like It

Experience seamless power management with the DB Electrical Battery Isolator. This top-notch device, designed explicitly for negative ground, two-battery systems, is equipped with two battery studs, one alternator stud, and one excitation stud, ensuring comprehensive connectivity.

Notably, it is an effective voltage regulator, providing safe and efficient power distribution. With a maximum output of 270A, the DB Electrical Battery Isolator offers unrivaled performance, making it essential for your power management needs. Trust in its robust design and exceptional reliability for uninterrupted operations.

Things to Know

The DB Electrical Battery Isolator is a premium aftermarket product engineered to meet and exceed OEM specifications. It is an apt replacement for various OEM numbers, including ARROWHEAD's BSL0014, EMP PARTS' 4-6856, and J & N's 626-01008.

This product signifies a commitment to quality and reliability, ensuring optimal performance for your vehicle's electrical system. The 100% new construction underscores its high-standard manufacturing process, providing a durable and effective solution for battery isolation needs.


  • Brand: DB Electrical
  • Terminal: Stud Terminal
  • Mounting Type: Panel Mount
  • International Protection Rating: IP00
  • Specification Met: Oem
  • Connectivity Protocol: X-10

KeyLine Chargers Dual Battery Isolator Kit

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Why We Like It

The KeyLine Chargers Dual Battery Isolator Kit - the ultimate power solution for your ATV/UTV vehicle. Abandon traditional diode relays and "solid-state" devices that drain your power.

This Isolator Kit is designed with innovative programming to deliver unbeatable performance without sacrificing. Compact in size (2.6" x 2.6" x 2"), our Isolator fits almost anywhere, making it an ideal choice for under-the-hood installations or offroad rigs.

The kit features a Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) that kicks in at 13.3 volts and disengages at 12.8 volts, ensuring your primary battery is always charged and ready. With our Dual Battery Isolator Kit, enjoy the efficiency of two separate power sources from a single alternator. Equip your vehicle with the best - choose KeyLine Chargers.

Things to Know

The KeyLine Chargers Dual Battery Isolator Kit is a superior choice due to its rugged durability and comprehensive package. This particular isolator is IP65 Certified, making it resilient against harsh weather conditions and suitable for off-road use, ensuring reliable performance in dusty and wet environments.

The kit includes a 140 Amp Smart Battery Isolator, various cables and connectors, and a red shrink tube. Including a mounting plate, hardware, and heavy gauge ground & power wires makes it user-friendly even for novice DIYers. Whether for an ATV or UTV, the KeyLine Chargers Dual Battery Isolator Kit promises a blend of durability, functionality, and ease of installation.


  • Contact Type: Normally Open
  • Current Rating: 140 Amps
  • Brand: KeyLine Chargers
  • Operation Mode: Automatic
  • Coil Voltage: 12 Volts

DEWINNER 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Isolator

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Why We Like It

The DEWINNER 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Isolator is a robust and reliable solution for your battery management needs. This versatile unit requires no alternator or ignition connection, offering a hassle-free installation process.

Built to endure, the isolator withstands vibration and adverse weather conditions without compromising its functionality. Its IP67 rating signifies its superior waterproof capabilities, further enhancing its durability. The isolator is designed for compatibility with lead-acid or lithium batteries, ensuring a broad range of applications.

It also features user-friendly manual modes, which can be easily activated by holding the "Power" button for three seconds. The upper blue LED indicates when the manual mode is turned on. The isolator's status can be toggled on and off by clicking the "Power" button, confirmed by the illumination and extinguishing of the lower red LED. The DEWINNER 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Isolator is a surefire way to optimize the longevity and performance of your batteries.

Things to Know

The DEWINNER 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Isolator is a sophisticated and user-friendly device that provides seamless power management in many vehicles. It features a long-press "Power" button, which initiates an automatic mode with a voltage-sensitive relay (VSR) that activates at 13.3 volts and deactivates at 12.8 volts. The device's LED indicators intuitively convey these operational states.

Additionally, the isolator is equipped with a real-time voltage display, offering users granular control over their battery status. Its broad compatibility extends across 12V 4WD vehicles, ships, trucks, and caravans, making it an ideal choice for campers. As if having two separate power sources, this isolator ensures your vehicle's primary battery remains charged while powering other accessories independently when the engine is off, maximizing readiness and reliability.


  • Contact Type: Normally Open
  • Current Rating:140 Amps
  • Brand: DEWINNER
  • Operation Mode: Auto, Manual
  • Mounting Type: Surface Mount

GMURA Dual Battery Isolator Kit

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Why We Like It

The GMURA Dual Battery Isolator Kit is a state-of-the-art solution tailored to ensure your vehicle's optimal power management. This intelligent isolator guarantees that your primary battery stays charged and prepared, offering two independent power sources from a single alternator.

With a responsive automatic connection voltage range of 13.5V-16V for a 12V working voltage and 27V-32V for a 24V working voltage, the isolator secures your vehicle's performance by immediate disconnection if the voltage drops below 12.5 V, integrated with a 5-second delay for automatic connections or disconnections.

Notably, this advanced isolator is compatible with lithium batteries, complete with a dedicated connection cable. This ensures stable battery performance and extends the product's applicability to vehicles equipped with lithium batteries.

Furthermore, the GMURA Dual Battery Isolator Kit promises an easy installation, thanks to the four fixing holes included in the design. This isolator kit is an intelligent investment, ensuring reliable battery performance when you need it the most.

Things to Know

The GMURA Dual Battery Isolator Kit is an innovative solution that provides an unfettered engine start experience. With a current capacity of 250 Amps and a universally adaptable voltage of 12/24V, it features an LCD that conveniently monitors the voltage of two batteries in real time.

This smart isolator eliminates the common concern of engine start failure due to a depleted battery. In cases of emergency, the auxiliary battery can be activated promptly for a swift start. The compact design of this battery isolator kit ensures space efficiency, making it compatible with a diverse range of vehicles.

Whether a 12V/24V truck, ATV, UTV, boat, RV, van, off-road vehicle, or camper, the GMURA Dual Battery Isolator Kit is a versatile solution to maintain consistent engine performance.


  • Current Rating: 250 Amps
  • Mounting Type: Panel Mount
  • Brand: GMURA
  • Operation Mode: Automatically

Ampper 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Isolator

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Why We Like It

The Ampper 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Isolator is vital for your dual battery system. This voltage-sensitive relay is meticulously designed to manage two separate power sources, ensuring an efficient charging process using one alternator.

Specially engineered for Acid-Lead batteries, its utility is not extended to Lithium batteries. With a keen focus on protecting your primary battery, it activates at 13.3 volts and ceases at 12.8 volts. This ensures your primary battery remains charged and primed for engine starting.

Once the primary battery's voltage surpasses 13.3 volts, the secondary battery begins its charge cycle. Invest in the Ampper 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Isolator for a seamless and efficient dual battery setup.

Things to Know

The Ampper 12V 140Amp Dual Battery Isolator is a robust and versatile device designed to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. It is water-resistant, shock-resistant, and dust-proof, making it suitable for off-road and other challenging environments.

Compatibility is at the forefront of its design, as it can be used in dual-battery systems for DC 12V to isolate and charge. This includes many vehicles: from cars and RVs to ATVs, UTVs, and boats. Furthermore, it extends its utility to two battery electrical equipment. Its user-friendly design is showcased by including a mounting plate and four bolts for installation, making the process straightforward and hassle-free.


  • Contact Type: Normally Open
  • Current Rating: 140 Amps
  • Brand: Ampper
  • Operation Mode: power
  • Coil Voltage: 12 Volts

Dual Battery Isolator FAQs:

1. What Is a Dual Battery Isolator?

A dual battery isolator is a device that allows two batteries to be charged from a single power source, like a vehicle's alternator while ensuring that the power drawn from any load is separated from the battery it's connected to. This means you can deplete one battery without affecting the other.

2. Why Should I Use a Dual Battery Isolator in My Vehicle?

A dual battery isolator is particularly useful in vehicles used for off-grid activities or work, such as camping or field service work. It allows you to use equipment like a fridge or power tools without risking the depletion of your vehicle's primary battery, ensuring you can still start the car when needed.

3. How Does a Dual Battery Isolator Work?

A dual battery isolator works by allowing current to flow from the alternator to both batteries when the vehicle is running but blocking current from flowing between the batteries when the car is off. This allows both batteries to be charged while the engine is running but prevents the auxiliary battery from draining the primary battery when the engine is off.

4. Is It Hard to Install a Dual Battery Isolator?

While the process requires understanding a vehicle's electrical system, many dual battery isolators come with comprehensive installation guides. They can be installed by anyone comfortable with basic DIY tasks. However, if you're unsure, seeking help from a professional is always recommended.

5. Can a Dual Battery Isolator Damage My Vehicle or Batteries?

No, a dual battery isolator protects both your vehicle and the batteries. Separating the batteries prevents your primary battery from being depleted by auxiliary devices, which can help extend the life of your battery and prevent situations where your vehicle won't start due to a dead battery. However, ensuring the isolator is correctly installed is crucial to avoid potential issues.

6. Do You Need Battery Isolators for Dual-Battery Systems?

Battery isolators are a crucial component for dual-battery systems. They prevent the auxiliary battery from draining the primary start battery while ensuring both batteries charge when needed. This guarantees an uninterrupted power supply for your vehicle and other devices powered by automotive batteries. Investing in a battery isolator ensures longevity and efficient performance from your dual-battery system.

Final Thoughts about Dual Battery Isolator

In conclusion, a dual battery isolator is an essential investment for any vehicle owner who appreciates the power of autonomy and reliability. It delivers the functionality of managing your vehicle's dual battery setup, ensuring that your batteries work optimally and extend their lifespan.

Whether you are an off-road enthusiast, a camping aficionado, or someone who values preparedness, the dual battery isolator is a game-changer. Tap on the button of your choice of a dual battery insulator and place it in the cart buy function for your following new necessary product.

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